Frozen Storage

Cold World Storage also offers frozen storage! We store pallets of frozen products down to -20F.

We specialize in production support! We can work with your production schedule to have product available and delivered as needed.

  • We offer Just-in-Time Deliveries!  We have backup delivery cycles and can often work out a schedule for your needs even if the deliveries are LTL
  • We offer In/out Pallet or pick and pack operations.
  • Our storage features 24/7 temperature monitoring, and every pallet is license plate tagged and traced.
  • Stored products are cycle counted.
  • Automated inventory reporting is available, as needed in any format
  • We can apply serial numbers, or if cases have serialized barcodes, we can scan and track every case on every pallet!
  • We can provide billing and invoice generation, packing slips, custom labeling needs.
  • Our storage is USDA, FDA, and NCDOA inspected

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