Cross Dock and Redelivery Services

Cross-docking means receiving goods at one door and shipping out through the other door almost immediately without putting them in monthly storage. We provide Cross-Dock services for frozen, refrigerated, dry products and much more. Let us help you simplify things!

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Our cross-dock services include:

  • West-coast deliveries or pick-ups which need to be double stacked for long-hauls or unstacked to a single layer for deliveries.
  • A driver has two or more deliveries and needs freight rearranged or stored (daily). Driver will return ASAP for some or all product for next order(s).
  • A driver that needs to transload freight from one trailer to another. (Ex. Local LTL drivers transloading to long-haul drivers)
  • Shifted or damaged loads that need to be unloaded, re-palletized, and staged for shipment back to your customer or vendor
  • Relabeling or removing labels from pallets
  • Missed appointment redeliveries.=
  • Reloading overweight loads
  • Rearranging multiple stops due to a missed appointment
  • Counting, sorting, and reloading

Have a driver stranded and in need of cross dock services?

  • Missed appointments due to weather, traffic, and driving hour restrictions can cause problems between drivers and shipping companies and their customers. We also offer redeliveries!
  • Damaged or refused Freight to customers especially food products.
  • Container unloading or loading.   
  • Redelivery to grocery warehouses in NC, SC, VA, TN, WV, PA and  OH. Other states are available- please ask.
  • For immediate assistance, please call for faster service. Generally, we can assist your firm with cross dock services on very short notice.